My Second Set of Twins - They Said I Would Never Have Children

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I was told I would never have a child. Well they were right to a point, I have never had a child—I had children.

I am currently pregnant with my second set of twins. I have had cancer twice and chemotherapy both times. On top of all that my ovaries do not ovulate like they are supposed to, so I may only ovulate two to three times a year.

When I found out about my first pregnancy, I made the doctor repeat the test because I did not believe I could be pregnant, not only because of the chemo, and ovary problem, but I was using birth control to help regulate my hormones, so it must be impossible.

Well it turned out that not only was I pregnant but I would find out about month later it was twins. I was so happy and surprised. My boys were born at thirty-six weeks and five days and are very healthy. I was happy for my miracle babies, and fine with knowing they would be the only two I would have. I had breast cancer and chemo and when they were a little over one so I knew they were it.

Then, two years later, I find out I’m pregnant again and it is twins again!!! I am still in shock but my boys will be three on the sixteenth of this month and about three and a half when they are born. Don’t ever let anybody tell you will never have a child—you might not—you might have children.


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