To My Son

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To my son, I am stronger than Wonder Woman.
To my son, I am better than Kool-aid, maybe not the red kind.
To my son, I am sweeter than Splenda, but not sugar?
To my son, I am his transformer, but not a super hero?
To my son, I am the leader in a rat race, defender of the the human race.
To my son, I am the best thing since sliced bread, but not biscuits?
To my son,  I am wound-healer, nose wiper, poo-poo cleaner, room neater
butt beater, bread baker, money maker, loan provider.
But most of all, to my son,  I am “Mommie”: the bestest hugger, sweetest kisser, knows when to be needed.
To my son: I am “Love.”


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