Out of the Mouths of Babes ...

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Any mother will truly appreciate this little story…I only share it because I know it will provide a great laugh for those in need!

I am the mother of two sons, ages 7 and 6. I also have a 17-month-old daughter. In addition to my own three, I previously watched 3 other children 5 days/week in my home for a friend of mine. One day last Fall while the three 7-yr. olds were in 1st grade all day, I took a trip to the bank to turn in a jar of coins (a nice little “honey-do” from the hubby…like I had nothing else to do all day!) with my 6 yr. old, my daughter and the 5-yr. old little girl I baby sit. As the 5 yr. old was getting out of her booster seat in the very back of the van, she says, “ouch…I just hit my penis!” Without skipping a beat…my 6 yr. old whips around and says, “You don’t have a penis! You have a vagina! Girls have like, two butts…a crack in the front and a crack in the back!”….

And there I was…standing at the door with my jaw completely open…however, I didn’t feel so bad when I looked at the 5 yr. old…as she had the same look on her face! Apparently, my son paid very close attention when I was changing the baby’s diaper. It is amazing what…ahem…view…children have, isn’t it? I, of course, had my son apologize to the little girl for being so rude and I called her mother to explain the story before she heard the 5 yr. old’s version. I did joke with my friend and told her that it was about time someone told her daughter she had a vagina!


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