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So I need some help here. I have this 7 month old kitten and she's either extremely hyper or sleeping. I know I need to get her fixed soon but I'm still waiting to have enough money. The problems I'm having with her is that when she's hyper she gets aggressive. She really likes to play wrestle but she ends up biting me pretty hard and even if I spray her with a water bottle or flick her in the nose, she keeps coming back to play more. I have toys all over the house so she should never be bored but it seems like she gets that way. Another BIG issue I'm having is her clawing. I'm very against declawing seeing as I plan on letting her go outside once she gets spayed and I move to a less crowded area. She really seems to like clawing at the corner molding of the wall and my recliner. Is there anything that may help with these two issues until I get her fixed? And if so where can I find it or what do I need? I'm sure I'll be posting more funny articles about her (Artemis). Thanks for reading!


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