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Best-Dressed Pet: Weird and Wacky Animal Apparel

  • Photo courtesy of Posh Puppy Boutique


    So much for being jealous about pets’ ability to run around naked. If you’re worried that your pup’s showing a little too much fur at the beach, outfit her with the Sunset Red HulaHound Bikini from the Posh Puppy Boutique

  • Ed Hardy Dog Shirt

    Many people like to style their pets in their own image. If your dog plans on pickin’ up some guidettes at the Jersey Shore, he’ll definitely need his very own Ed Hardy tee from Pamper Me Puppy

  • Feline Feather Boa

    Wouldn’t your cat look adorable in a boa for her most fabulous social occasions? Of course she would—for the three seconds before she tore it off and attacked it like a feathery piece of prey.  Find your cat's next feather boa at The Gilded Paw

  • Doggles

    If your dog likes to hang his head out the window of the car, enjoys riding on boats, or has a secret identity as the Red Baron, he’ll need these lenses to protect his eyes from debris and damaging UV light. Doggles from Doctors Foster and Smith come with a chin strap, but keeping them on your dog’s head is ultimately something you’ll have to figure out on your own.

  • Belle of the Bowl

    Any fashionable female dog needs a diverse wardrobe, from play clothes to formal attire. This confection of a dress features netting, tulle, hand-embroidered beads, pink satin, and an intricate bow. At $248.99 from the The Sassy Pup, it’s the most expensive thing your dog will ever poop on.

  • Dog Snuggie

    Because, why not? Available for $5.99 at Amazon.

  • Showing Loyalty

    We’re not sure who or what “ass” is or what he/she/it might be feuding with, but at least if you buy this shirt, strangers will know where your dog stands. Available for $21.35 at Zazzle.

  • Puppy Sleeper

    Dressing your dog in a cotton onesie detailed with a Swarovski crystal–accented bib from Puppy Crates Plus gives a new meaning to the term “fur babies.”

  • Dog Sneakers

    Puppies’ feet are obviously much too delicate to be sullied by the pavement, and they’re too cute to be sullied by ugly shoes. These stylin’ sneakers may be the answer.

  • Hooded Bath Towel

    This hooded bath towwl from Poochie Heaven is perfect for snuggling with your kitty right after she’s gotten out of a warm bath. Although anyone who attempts to snuggle with an angry, wet cat deserves whatever is coming to them.

  • Butt Cover

    Your dog is so cute. Too bad about that unsightly butt expelling unspeakable smelly things. If you’re embarrassed by the sight of your pup’s poop chute, pretend it doesn’t exist by covering it up with a Rear Gear Butt Cover from Etsy. If it wasn’t for all the pooping, barking, eating, and shedding, your dog would be just about perfect.

  • Puppy Panties

    These panties from Bow Wow’s Best could be used for protecting female dogs in heat, but they’re so girly and delightful, it’d be a shame not to wear them out on the town.


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