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My dog Sassy

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My dog Sassy is a wonderful companion. She is active, loves to play and has boundless energy. Sassy came to me as a puppy. She had been only five months old. A friend of mine had asked if I wanted her. She was not house broken and had trouble finding a good home for her. At first I didn't want to take on the responsibilitie of taking care of a puppy. I had already been taking care of an aging mother. And the family business.

My girlfriend had mentioned that no one wanted Sassy. And that she may have to bring her to a pound. So I decided to take a look at the puppy. When I saw Sassy, I fell in love! I couldn't imagine having her in a pound. I quickly decided to take her, before I had changed my mind.

Sassy is now 9 years old, and still a joy to share my life with. My mother had passed, and Sassy had helped me through a difficult time. Her jumping on my bed in the mornings for her daily walks, have always kept me smiling. She is my companion and forever friend.


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