Nutrition and the Health Benefits for Your Pet

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Good nutrition is important in order to maintain your pet’s health and a complete and balanced diet is vital. Your pet needs the right amount of fats, minerals protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fresh water. The most important thing that your pet needs is water. Lack of water can cause serious problems considering that a dog’s body is made up of 60% water. A chiot puppy is even more at risk when lacking water as their body is made up of 84% water. This makes is easy to understand why even a little water loss can be damaging. Your pet should be consuming two and a half times the amount of food he or she eats.
Protein is important too and comes in different qualities depending on the animal. A chiot dog for example would require a higher level than humans as they are more carnivorous. A cat requires even more again as they are entirely carnivorous. You can ensure your pet gets the protein they need by considering the species and their age when buying food. Fats are also vital for a pet’s diet and are high in energy. They are not to be over-consumed, but are essential all the same.


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