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A Poem for Whitney.....

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Whitney know that God loves you,

For it’s God’s Love that makes you see the morning dew.

Whitney know that life won’t always be fair,

Because with God’s Love there’ll always be enough care.

Whitney know to give God Thanks,

Just think of His Goodness it’ll make you wanna dance.

Whitney always be of good cheer,

With God on your side you never have to fear.

Whitney as your mom I don’t always know,

But having you as my daughter, to me you’ll always glow.

Whitney as the oldest, see that you always take care of your brother,

And know that I’ll always be ya’ll’s mother’.

Whitney know that in life you’ll go through grief,

But as long as you trust in God it will only be brief.

Whitney I can see you reaching your goals,

Spending time with your friends, is something I know you love the best.

“Momy know that you’re quite popular,

You need to let em’ know  you’re from South Africa.”


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