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Preparing for Twindom

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As the mom of one-year-old twins, I’ve learned a thing or two over the past nineteen months. If you are expecting twins, here is some advice that I hope will help you navigate this wonderful time and the years to follow.


  1. Do not become too informed to the point of overload. Talk with a few friends, most importantly those with multiples since they can share their experience.

  2. Create a “twin” binder so you have a one stop resource book. Include sections for baby products, safety, medical, resources, and toys/books. Cut out anything you find from magazines, catalogs, articles on the web, etc. and include them in this binder.

  3. Join a Mother of Twins or Mother’s of Multiples Club in your area. This is the best resource and many clubs have online chat groups, so you can get all of your questions answered by other MOT. Ask questions—remember, no question is stupid when it comes to twins.

  4. Arrange for help if you can for when the twins get home: doula, night nurse, friends or relatives. You will need help with any and everything, so just ASK!

  5. Sign up online to get discounts and coupons (Pampers, Huggies, Enfamil, and Similac) since having twins can get costly. Sign up with diaper, formula, and several companies that will mail you coupons. Also, many baby stores will offer a twin discount on larger items. When in doubt, just ask!

  6. Keep a notebook for each baby for doctor appointments and to jot things down about each baby that you want to discuss with your doctor. This eliminates any confusion between the two. Believe me, it can happen!

  7. Keep your babies on the same schedule so you aren’t feeding them all day long.  Also, create a schedule for each baby that includes their eating, changing, medications, miscellaneous, etc.

  8. Prepare to take a weekly photo of your babies against the same background and create a sign that indicates the week. You will be amazed to see how they grow! In general, photos, photos, and more photos—you will want to remember every step of your twins growing up!

  9. Gear up! Car seats, Boppy, swings, pack-n-plays, etc. These will be a great help when you need to feed both babies at one time or need to attend to just one. Make sure you have two of the essentials, but you will probably only need one of others; swing, bouncy sear, and exersaucer since you can rotate babies.

  10. Realize that your babies will be individuals and not everything that works for one will work for the other.

  11. Buy things used or from consignment stores. You do not need two of everything.  All babies have their own likes and dislikes.

  12. Get accustomed to comments that you will hear, “Double Trouble,” “Here Comes Trouble.” or “How do you do it?” Develop a creative, but snappy response to those that act as if you have been cursed by having twins! A favorite response is “It’s like anything in life, you do it!” or “We prefer the double blessing.”

  13. If you are planning to enroll your twins in day care, do it early, even before the babies are born. There is sometimes a small deposit, but it’s worth the peace of mind to have this settled. Two open spots can be hard to come by at some places.







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