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Say What?

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Kids (and sometimes adults) say the strangest things. Share yours!

Bill Cosby made a whole show out of kids saying funny things. I think anyone who is a parent of a child old enough to speak has had those moments where something unbelievable—and sometimes embarrassing—comes out of their mouth. And then there are those times you find something coming out of your mouth that you just never thought possible like these Truu women:

Things I thought I’d never say “We don’t eat cat food” “If you want to hump a pillow, do it in your room” “No you cant have a Band-Aid on your tongue”

Something I thought I’d never say: “Are those old chicken nuggets still in your Unicorn Backpack?!”

Things I thought I’d never say: “how did the macaroni and cheese get on the ceiling?” Things I thought I would never find out: When you dump bubble bath in the toilet and continuously flush, it turns the bathroom into a foam party.

Now it’s your turn, what have you or your child said that just needs to be shared?

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