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From the Teacher’s Desk!

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As I set and look down the hallways of Benedict College, I see bright futures ahead for many students. Most of them are in a spiritual warfare motivated by an inward drive to push forward no matter what the cause.

Teachers are under pressure because of lack of pay, but yet they still come to work to push every student towards SUCCESS

Young women having babies early from young males that are clueless to what it really means to be a FATHER.

Yet, in the mist of the confusion, distress, depression, hardship, sudden accidents, or upsets and set -ups, there is still the need to press!! Things just must get better!

There are small issues like, writing, math, English, or dangling participles, or comma splices, just stuff to aggravate the drive to succeed, but yet even pass that, there is still a press!! 

Worry, doubt, fear, intimidation, self-mutation, screaming inwardly for help that just seem never to appear, and just when you need it, some how it comes just in time and when you need it most.

Who understands the passion, the sincerity of another struggling soul, only the ones who can identify with struggles themselves? I will, you shall and we shall become successful. Look into my eyes you will see the light of my soul!! I am predestinated to make it!!

Although my chances seem slim to you, I shall become all that God will have me to be. Thank God for VICTORY! Some tests are just stepping stones to greater. So I will not give into the notion of quitting, or fear of failure. I shall meet life demands despite the small set backs and set ups.

For I am somebody! I shall rise to the occasion, old habits gone, old tried friends that did not add peace or value to my life gone. When the tide comes in for all that I have reaped, I shall get an abundance of GOOD

So remember put out good, produce all the good stuff and throw away excuses, you too my friend shall gain your SUCCESS!!


Written by:

Mrs. Yolonda Yvette Sims Goodman, M. A., NRCA, APA (Doctoral Learner)

Leadership Specialist/ Benedict College 2007


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