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6 Location-Based Apps Worth Using

  • Friendthem

    The cute guy who chatted you up in the Starbucks line, the potential investor you met at a conference—with this app, you don’t have to let connections like these slip away. Combining social networking and location data, Friendthem helps you find lost connections on Facebook and Twitter, and even lets you know if you have mutual friends. A female developer and psychologist made sure the privacy settings keep users safe from potential creepers. Similar apps: Sonar, Highlight, and Banjo.

  • Intuition

    “Designed by moms for moms,” this app helps users keep track of errands. Intuition's "Nearby" feature will notify you if you get near a store or location where an upcoming task is located and help you group errands by area. No more going back across town for the dry cleaning. The only thing better? TaskRabbit, the app that connects you with local gofers to run your errands for you.

  • ShopSavvy

    Comparison shopping goes high-tech with ShopSavvy—an app that lets you scan barcodes and search for lower prices on the same products online and at stores close by. Maybe it’s not worth driving across town to save $5 on a pair of boots. Then again, maybe it is. Similar apps: RedLaser and Barcode Scanner.

  • Taxi Magic

    You’re in a strange town, and you don’t know where to tell the taxi to pick you up. Or there’s a sudden downpour, and every yellow cab splashing past you has its light off. What do you do? With Taxi Magic, you simply tap for a taxi, track its progress toward you, and pay with your phone at your final destination. Similar apps: Cabulous, Uber (for luxury sedans and hybrids) and Pinpoint Pickup.

  • ToiletFinder

    There is no more urgent a need for location-based services than when you need to find a bathroom ASAP. ToiletFinder, a free app, is not without its problems, but it improves as more users report new (or gross) toilets. Similar apps: SitOrSquat (by Charmin) and Find Toilets.

  • GasBuddy

    Driving around looking for cheaper gas is just plain silly. Siri can tell you where the closest gas station is, but can she tell you that another one, two blocks away, is 5 cents less a gallon? GasBuddy will become your best ally on the road. Similar apps: SmartFuel, Fuel Finder and DriveAlternatives (for alternative fuels).


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