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Texting While Driving

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Updated June 2013: Back in 2012, I posted this piece about texting while driving.  I had hopes of an app that would disable texting capabilities while one is in a car.  I am happy to say that AT&T has an app that does exactly this! You get into the car, and press the app…it stops texts, and the sender gets an auto reply that says "I am in unsafe texting conditions, I will reply when it is safe to do so." I urge anyone who reads this updated story to please go to the AT&T site and the free app called Texting Can Wait. Make your kids who drive, those who drive your kids, and yourself do this!  Lives will be saved by the thousands if you pass the word!  Also, you can join my Facebook page Texing can Wait!  Look forward to hearing from you and be safe out there!  Set the example, and become the rule!

While driving my boys to school each day we count how many people we see talking on their phones. One morning we counted 23 people talking on their phones while driving. I have never ever talked on my phone while driving! Why?, because I drive an automobile that automatically connects to blue tooth in the car. However, there is this one little sound that peaks my curiosity every time it goes blruriingg… It's my text, and it has it's own sound, unlike any other that my IPhone4s makes. If I'm driving alone, I catch myself sneaking a peak to see who it is,…After all, it could be my now 15 year old Sophomore needing something right? Or it could be a girlfriend wanting to do lunch, or maybe go for a pedicure. Geez, it could even be Howie Mandel texting me to tell me I've won a spot on his new game show! I slowly reach down, then realize I've set a password on my phone. Hmm..this could be difficult, trying to type 4 numbers, but I notice something. The text message is right there, for me to read. I don't have to put in my password, so I make sure it's totally safe, and I sneak a peak. Well, it is only JC Penney's texting me the deal of the day, and I took a chance for that? Then, just up ahead, the light is green, but the car in front of me is not moving. Hey, she is texting! I Honk..not once, but twice because I am mad that she is doing that! And I realize something. There needs to be an app that automatically shuts off all of our texts while we are driving.

It was that day that I decided to put the phone in my purse in the back when I am driving. If someone needs me, they can call me, and I can talk legally without the use of the phone in my hand.

Regarding the app: My sons agree, and say that it should be called "In the Car"…it would go like this: You get into a vehicle and you press an app that goes to a voice mail. When someone texts you they get an auto reply something like this: I am in unsafe texting conditions. I will get back to you when it is safe.

You would not hear that bluriingg..sound, nor be notified of the text until you are stopped, and press the app again. I really think this would be a life saver. It could so easily be done by someone tech savoy. There are millions of young men and women out there who text constantly. It's the new norm. Look around, I promise the majority of this planet is walking around with a phone out in pure view. They are either talking or texting, it's a given. We've got to do something about the driving aspect, as teens just don't see how deadly this habit can be. I feel that texting accidents are going to be right up there with drunk driving before we know it. There is a School Program called Every 15 minutes showing deadly video and live actors, and the recourse of drinking/'driving… Added to the Every 15 minutes, we may need to address Every 15 texts!


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