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Television and Parents Today

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I personally believe that taking the television set out of the home is really not always the solution. Please allow me to explain. There is nothing wrong with children being raised with television in the home. Parents that raise their children without the television tend to forget a few very important things:

1) The television belongs to you, you are the parents. You paid for the television set and you brought it into your home.  It belongs to you.

2) Television watching should always be supervised by the parents.

3) Television is not a baby sitter. There was a comment in the religion I attend about this: “Many parents have found that the easiest and cheapest way to keep the children quiet is to set them down in front of what has also been called "the one-eyed hypnotist.”

4) Your children’s rearing is the  parents responsibility. Yes, you are the parent.

5) Watching television is like anything else that “you” the parents allow your children to do. You have the responsibility to oversee what they watch and when they watch television.

6) When selecting shows do you sit with your children and watch the shows with them?

7) Parents need to interact with their children. Talk about what they see on television. After all, who is responsible for teaching them, you or the things they see and hear around them?

8) Parents instead of slacking off and blaming everything around you for your lack of guidance, take control of the television in your home. Encourage your children to have balance. Teach them that reading, playing and studying are all important. We as parents need to put the parenting responsibility where it belongs, in the hands

of every parent.

You know as parents we can blame the television, the media, the Internet, the graphic pornography on television and the Internet, we can even blame the news paper we read in the morning, or video games that children play. But in all honesty when we face up to the facts, these things are not at responsible for molding our children’s minds and personality. We as parents are responsible! If our children have access to these things, that just shows we as parent need to make some readjustments in how we are raising our children. God Almighty gave to parents the most precious gift of our children; if we value that gift then we will have balance in all things when it pertains to our children.

We cannot put our children in a protective bubble; they will eventually be exposed to these things. If we start at a very young age to teach them what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable they will grow to be fine, well-balanced, caring and responsible adults. It is all up to you parents, if you take your God given responsibility serious then you will reap many rewards. No parent needs to remove the television from the home, just take control of it and oversee what your children watch.


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