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Ten Great Apps and Games For Kids

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Most of these apps are available for all the devices. A good place to start is commonsense which breaks this down into age groups. Common Sense Media does a great job of dividing the apps into age groups.

Below is a sampling of apps for kid’s ages 7-11 based on their popularity.

National Geographic Weird But True
This app offers more than 300 facts, all true and sometimes weird. Not only will kids learn but will have fun while doing so. It also comes with sound effects and a weird-o-meter so kids can judge for themselves the fact’s level of oddness.

Angry Birds Space
Now with 60 new free levels, bonus levels and an out-of-this-world theme, the game plays with gravity literally adding a new dimension to the challenging physics puzzles.

National Geographic Walk 3-D World Fact Book
Loaded with information in digestible nuggets, this is a must have reference guide for making learning fun. In a time where encyclopedias are quickly disappearing and online resources often not factual, this app is incredibly helpful.

National Geographic World Atlas HD
This app essentially has the entire world at a child’s fingertips. Do you want to know the population of China or how long it would take to drive across Italy? It’s all here, distilled into one app. While some bugs in this app are still being worked out, it remains a very valuable learning tool for any student.

World of Goo
Creative and fun, this app seems like an entertaining way for kids to play with goo and make a huge mess without the ensuing cleanup. But for everything they build out of Goo, kids need to consider gravity, weight, tension and friction. While solving Goo puzzles, they are also learning the basic concepts of physics.

Strip Designer
Kids can create their own comic strips. Combining graphic design, writing and story telling using photographs, clip art, icons or their own artwork, kids will enjoy the opportunity to make their own comic book. Whether it’s a birthday party or a travelogue, there are endless ways to be creative and design a book unique to the specific child.

Real Racing 2
This is an incredibly realistic racing sim with a large selection of cars to choose from and a wide variety of winding tracks. The controls give kids more flexibility teaching them the basics on driving, while, of course, having fun. This is not a game for cars hitting each other, but rather a fun ride for kids to enjoy a great virtual race.

This fast thinking word game is a kind of ramped up Scrabble, in that you have to think very quickly to build words. While a lot of fun, this also helps kids build their vocabulary.

Fun Math Tricks
Who likes math? Not many kids. But this app makes learning math much more fun. With 25 mental math secrets that can be applied to any mathematical spectrum, kids can then take a timed-challenge, which will surely impress their friends and parents.

The Night Sky
Children love to know what is above their heads after the sun goes down. With this app, they can simply lift their phone or device toward the night sky. Using geo-tracking to scan the stars and planets, the app also has endless information about constellations, planets, stars and even satellites.


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