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Bubbles & Alfalfa

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Bubbles and Alfalfa – Part 1 - The History

Bubbles the canary was swinging back and forth on the somewhat dubious swing that Larry, the owner of Larry’s Pet Shop, had grudgingly installed in the canary cage the week before.

The reluctant setting up of the swing had occurred only after Larry’s mother, Ethel, had forcibly made her point that even canaries needed some form of recreation by hitting her hapless son on the head with her seventeen year old well-used and somewhat frayed red paisley umbrella while screeching in her high-pitched voice, “Just get him a damn swing!! How would you like me to stick YOU in that cage?!!”

Larry, who did not take kindly to the idea of being squashed in the canary cage, and having no doubts that his mother would carry out this threat, had searched through his dusty, disorganized storeroom where he had found two old lime green pipe cleaners and an empty, cracked pen tube. He had spent the rest of the evening fashioning a swing while watching lady wrestlers on the fifteen year old with the broken volume button television conveniently located in front of the brown and burgundy plaid sofa purchased six years before at a scratch and dent sale at one of the local charity shops. “No need to buy something new when I can easily patch up the holes in the fabric.” Ethel had determined in the face of Larry wanting to buy a deluxe reclining faux leather sofa and loveseat set. Ethel had gotten her way and Larry had learned if not to love, to accept the hideous seating accommodations.

Bubbles, oblivious to the existence of modern swings, having never been out of his cage, was more-or-less content to have the swing, although even to his untrained eye, he could tell that it was very ugly.

However, as he was the sole canary in the cage, and indeed, in the shop, he was grateful to have something to do, having nearly exhausted his repertoire of games which included “I Spy With My Beady Little Eye”, which was not quite as much fun as it should have been considering that he not only had to spy the object but guess what it was as well as he had no-one to play with. This situation was soon to change with the introduction of Alfalfa into his life later that afternoon.

Adventures to be continued....

© 2012 Maria van Santen


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