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Communication Gone Wrong in France: Travel Eats

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Four years ago, my mom and I went on a European adventure together, traveling through small towns in Spain and France. The food in Spain was not only delicious, but also the kind of food I love. All of the small plates we tried had a flavor you can’t make at home, not to mention you get to try more when you share all the food family-style. As we traveled into France, the food changed to baguette sandwiches and croque monsieurs. I felt right at home eating bread and cheese at every meal. 

As we made our way to the border of France and Germany, we went to a small restaurant where we couldn’t read the menu so we just pointed and ordered. Usually, my mom and I ended up with something delicious, but this time, I ended up with tripe. Let’s just say I’ve never smelled anything like it. The scent was something similar to a sewer on a wet day. After choking down a few bites, I couldn’t stand eating any more, but I was still hungry. I decided that filling up on dessert was a better option, so I ordered the chocolate mousse. 

Unfortunately, my back was to the swinging door that opened from the dining room to the kitchen, and as the waiter came through the door with my chocolate mousse, I hit the tray and it went flying across the room. I felt so much like an ugly American. And to add insult to injury, I went home hungry. 

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