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Four Tips for Finding Friends When Traveling Alone

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Traveling by yourself is a great experience, but even for the most outgoing girl, there will be times when you’re just finding it hard to fit in. Here are four easy ways to avoid feeling like the dweeb at the seventh grade dance when you’re alone and on the road:

1. Find the slightest commonality and seize upon it as your opener: 

  • Similar accent
  • Unusual accent
  • A clothing item displaying the name of a place you’ve once visited
  • Both being treated for larval infestation at the local clinic

Whatever it is, go with it!

2. When you enter a restaurant, take your time to scope the room looking for empty tables near people that fit the profile of the kind you typically like.

Couples in love are usually not interested in chatting with a third wheel. (Although if they’re at the end of their trip, they may be looking for someone, anyone to distract them from their mate. Proceed with caution.)

Three-tops and two friends traveling together are usually a good bet and much more willing to take on another pal.

And then there’s the big group. Sometimes, if it’s a specific function or family reunion, you may not be able to penetrate the scene. But other times, you may be welcomed as part of the gang.

3. Remind yourself that you’re not looking to make a lifelong best friend. While that’d be a nice bonus, the goal is to get someone to talk to you long enough so you don’t look like an alcoholic drinking alone or, for the ladies, like a good-time girl on the hunt for a sugar daddy.

4. Remember that there are people back at home who seem to like you. So why not here?

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