Picking Your Seats on a Long-Haul Flight

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It goes without saying that when you fly, you should reserve seats ahead of time, least you end up in the dreaded middle. But it’s also important that when you’re flying on consecutive flights, especially long ones, that you alternate between the left and right sides of the plane or switch up between window and aisle. That way you’re not kinking your body in the same direction repeatedly on each flight.

I learned this the hard way flying from San Francisco to Bali. All my seats were on the right side of the plane and the first two (the longest) were aisle. In order to courteously give my seatmate a little bit of armrest time, I spent a great portion of the trip twisted to the left. Luckily, with my 30 days of spa treatments ahead of me, I knew I could undo the damage. But you can be sure that on the return flight this coming Sunday, I’m going to take my own advice.


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