Savor Vij’s in Vancouver, Canada

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Call anything popsicle and I’ll want to eat it. Especially if it’s meat based. And especially if it comes with a most delicate of Fenugreek Cream Curry sauces and is cooked by devout vegetarians of Indian origin who can tell lamb’s doneness by scent.

This is just one of the orgasmically oral experiences you’ll have at Vij’s in Vancouver, Canada.

I always count it as a treat if I dine somewhere the venerated Anthony Bourdain has gone to and given a stamp of approval. But even without his No Reservations show on Vancouver, I would have found my way to this place. Every single person I asked for
restaurant recommendations insisted I eat here (and I asked a lot). It’s just that good.

And yes, there’s always the fear that a well-recommended place will fall flat on its ass, but I will say with no hyperbole, Vij’s is the absolute best Indian restaurant I’ve ever eaten at in my life. It’s welcoming and homey. They don’t take reservations, but appetizers are provided gratis while you wait. More importantly, the menu is complex and inspired. No tired scoop of tikka masala slopped on a plate as part of an assembly line. This is the real deal.

So if you’re headed to Canada in the near future and desire a meal that will make your eyes tear with joy, put Vij’s on your list of must-eat restaurants. And see if you can resist the call of the tender lamb popsicle.


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