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Up Against the Wall Street Banker Chapter vs. Comments

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We live in times where if you are a loyal and faithful, trustworthy and reliable wife, mother, daughter and friend, you come under attack. You are seen as a stupid, clueless fool.  I had thought that being able to look at myself in the mirror, and know that I was a loving mom and a loyal wife to “Cool C” had some value. Of course, I found it did not have any value at all, not to my in laws, not to my “friends”, not to my own lawyers, (who worked the other side of the case without exception) and not to the Judges, who are elected and “owe favors,” it would appear. The law is there, but as “Cool C” said to my mother, “if the law is there and no one invokes it, it is kind of useless.” True and prophetic words those would be. The words of a real and made for success Wall Street banker, who knows what he is talking about.

In the past few years I have joined many political groups, good government groups, watchdog groups, because of what I was put through by my husband, the father of my children, and his brothers, my own lawyers and the “judges” of Manhattan Supreme Court. What happened to me, I would find, is run of the mill. And not just in Manhattan but all over America. Women have their children taken from them for no reason at all. They are not allowed their own property that they brought in to the marriage. They are not allowed to share in “the fruit of the marriage” as Hal Mayerson says. (I know him personally, but more on that later).  They are divorced on forgeries, dragged around by the hair in Kangaroo Court where there is not a law in sight, though the laws exist. But the judges ignore the laws, the lawyers ignore the laws, and those who pay are the children. And their mothers, who love them. We need a champion, someone who loves and values mothers , a “Jane Goodall” to observe us, to see what happens to us, when they take away our off spring, when they grab our babies, which is often what I have seen vindictive men do to the mother’s of their children. We are not talking about women who are a danger to their children. But often the men are. Often, over and over, as Lundy Bancroft points out in his book Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men and as Monica Getz of the National Coalition for Family Justice will tell you, ABUSERS OFTEN GET THE CHILDREN BECAUSE THEY LIE VERY WELL, among other things.

Judges and lawyers in my experience in Manhattan Supreme Court do not uphold the law at all, and almost always work the male side of the case. Even in yesterday’s NY tabloid an article was about a woman one of my good government groups knows, and she is threatened with jail for keeping her children away from an abusive situation. In the article, the husband gets to take a shot by saying “She’s gone through six lawyers!” Of course she has; not one of them really did the job they were hired to do. If you hired a plumber to fix your sink, but when you were not looking her rewired your kitchen, you would have to get rid of him, AND get someone to fix the damage. When lawyers are to “fix the sink” but instead “re wire the kitchen” and you are “upset” they label you as disgruntled. Amazing.

When Patricia Duff and her husband were divorcing, she was chided by Judge Franklin Weissberg, who said to her “You have had the cream, the milk and the skim milk of the matrimonial bar.” But what really was happening was not one of the lawyers was really fighting for Patricia Duff, I now know. If you go on Wikipedia, where her divorce is discussed, it states “Court psychiatrist found Duff to be paranoid and narcissistic.” We mothers who have been in court have all had this very same “psychiatrist” and he says exactly, exactly the same thing about each and every one of us! And he is making thousands of dollars a day. His reports (or hers, as the case may be) are the same for each and every mother.  We have witness after witness who can testify to this. How can there be herds of mothers in New York who are all “paranoid and narcissistic?” it costs a lot of money to get those words to appear over and over on the same page from a template, no less.

One of the good government groups with whom I work is the League of Women Voters, where I had worked on the Legal Action Committee among other things. Weeks ago they sent me a petition from Elisabeth MacNamara, the National League President. She was working with CREW, Common Cause, Public Citizen, and Democracy21 to circulate a petition for the removal of the members of the Federal Election Commission, because “the Federal Election Commission is not enforcing the laws.” 

This is what is happening in family court and Supreme Court here in Manhattan every single day; lawyers are not representing their clients at all (most often the mothers) and judges REFUSE to enforce the laws that protect the children and women. Then the women are labeled “paranoid and narcissistic” by the psychiatrist, and therefore alienating the children from their loving father, and next thing you know, poof! The children are taken from their mother. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, black or white or Hispanic, Family Court or Supreme Court. It is complete gender bias, and I have experienced it and seen it over and over in case after case. I myself can clearly demonstrate that I was divorced by lawyers who were never in my case on documents I did not sign, and I was never told I was divorced. Even two weeks ago, I realized I had never been sent a document from the State Capital. When it arrived, my name was misspelled, the lawyers were not ones that had been in my case and the Clerk had signed it, inexplicably. When I went down to the Courthouse to ask to speak to the Clerk about his signature, I was told that many people are authorized to sign for Hhm! Like Robo signing in the housing crisis. I guess they thought anyone could sign my name too, but in America that USED to be called forgery. 

We need a huge national petition to address the issues that judges and lawyers are not enforcing the laws, and lawyers are not held accountable for betraying their clients.

The author, Pat Conroy, said it better than anyone: “It was a time when I met a series of reptilian divorce lawyers so unscrupulous that I would not have used their marrow to feed wild dogs or their wiry flesh to bait a crab.” 

This might be far too generous. I can only hope that when Ellen Barkin was not well treated by the same husband that had been Patricia Duff’s, that Ms. Duff could step out of the shadows of her “Court Psychiatrist” report, which is the same, as I said, that so very many have. The same report by the same psychiatrist. What a racket. I look to Pat Conroy to give a quote that defines this class of reptile, whose marrow also would be poison to a dog.

I started writing my chapters you have been reading here around January 26, 2012. One woman I know posted a comment stating “It is so hard for so many people to understand what it’s like to live in an abusive relationship, especially when it looks so perfect on the outside.”

That posted at the bottom of chapter one, where suddenly another commenter appeared, named Pamela Bull, who said “When is chapter 2?” Behind the scenes she was contacting the other commenter, egging her to bring in other commenting writers. Pamela Bull hounded the honest commenter off of the site. And that was her intention, right in January, to deny me my rights of free speech. She was doing it at the bidding of her friend, ChobiAyChobiAy, who is, of course the Wall Street banker of whom I write in these chapters.

On January 27, 2012 ChobiAy wrote “Hmmmm. Let me see…you stay in a marriage to an abusive man for 14YEARS? Yet even after that first year when you had an inkling you had two children with him? Didn’t you fear for your kids living in that environment?” 

Of course, here the abusive Chobi (the Wall Street Banker) is mocking me, just like in the tabloids a few days ago that head a headline that said “Teflon Rapist Mocks D.A. for Missteps.”

January 27, 2012 Kristen Bull comments “Don’t pay any attention to what ChobiAy says. It is clearly your ex acting exactly like you described.”

Of course, as we will see, in the comments that I will recount here, in fact, Chobi is the Wall Street Banker known as Cool C, and Kristen Bull is one of the women with whom he was “weinering” for our entire marriage, as she herself admits in the comments, which become more and more threatening towards me. Amazingly, she also begins to contact me on my private e-mail, asking me to meet her for dinner. Even a year ago, she came by where I lived and dropped off a letter at my apartment building asking me to meet her for dinner, which I ignored and pretended I never received. Once she saw my Chapters on this blog, she and my abuser were in heaven. 

Bullies always need third parties to work with them. Let’s face it; no one really wants to stand up to a really mean and crazy bully. Usually people hide behind the bully, but if the bully is a big Banker with lots of connections, then it is worth your while to align yourself with him for a great many reasons, that are easy to imagine.

On another Comment on January 27, 2012 ChobiAy (Cool C) writes “more and more women like this are being uncovered for what they are: narcissistic, selfish frauds.” There is more, but as can be seen, we see Patricia Duff’s psychiatrist speaking through ChobiAy.

Then, since Kristine Bull and ChobiAy are having fun being bullies together, and just getting warmed up, on January 28, 2012, Kristine Bull writes “Let the games begin!” This is when you know she is … a narcissistic, selfish fraud having fun with her friend, Chobi. The Wall Street Banker. While in the following chapters I will get back to the story line I was telling, I felt it important to stop, and quote from the Comment section, which clearly shows how third parties heat up the conflict in abusive marriages that end in high conflict divorces.

For fun, in an attempt to look like she wears a halo, on January 28, 2012, Kristine Bull writes sweetly “Studying the Bible is so enjoyable for me. It has a way of letting me know when I am doing wrong. Christ says we are to build people up, not tear them down. I have decided to leave this blog.” 

But of course, that was a ruse, and part of her “war cry” of cyberstalking and cyberharrassing, when she first said “Let the Games Begin!” 

I found out the other night from her old boss that she had right away posted my chapters on her Facebook! Her boss also gave me a long earful as to who this woman is, but that is for another chapter too. 

Peyton Place really has never stopped, sadly. There are just more women who are professionals instead of stay at home moms, but they are just the same kind of woman as you would see on all of those shows! It does not matter if they are dentists, doctors, lawyers, they will still try to scratch out your eyes, if they are that kind of Gossip Girl all grown up! They will want anyone’s life but their own; they are unhappy people, who don’t like happy people.

When Kristine Bull “saw the light of Christ” and left the blog, Chobi (the Wall Street Banker) responded “Good idea. If only the other lying fake victim shrews who subscribe to this typed of crapanalia would do the same. You know who you are: borderline personality disorders…” Get it? Back to the Court psychiatrist report of Mom is “paranoid and narcissistic. Put her in jail! Take away her children and property. Enough!”

Of course, Kristine Bull had no intention of going away. She meant it when she wrote “Let the games begin!” like a little gladiator. By February 16, 2012 Kristine Bull would write comments on two different chapters of mine “stay at home mom (Ellen) has signs and symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, delusions, anxiety, anger, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS;”. 

I would call the Mayo Clinic a day or so later and ask if they approve of being quoted this way. They said no, but that many journalists, etc., go on their web site and do just this: quote them in articles, etc., but they don’t approve of abusive use of their site, in that this is cyberbullying and accusing me of having suicidal thoughts, which would be a recurrent theme in Kristine Bull’s comments.

Her comments are also against cyberstalking laws, both Federal and in the state of Virginia (where she practices pediatric dentistry) and in New York, where she has moved to be with my “husband” and now practices pediatric dentistry and teaches as well.

As my chapters went on, she contacted me on my private e mail, where I had formally requested that she not be in touch with me. I wrote, privately, “Kindly stop contacting me, etc.,” I wrote my name and address, and then she posted my private information in her comment on my chapters. 

At this point, a foreign journalist I know wrote me “This woman is terrifying, would boil your bunny if she could get in to your apartment. One minute she is sweet and the next she is a bitch on steroids. She is scary. I cannot imagine what would have happened if you had been stupid enough to meet her for dinner! Too weird.” 

While ChobiAy seemed to fade into the background (not exactly, but he stopped commenting on the chapter site), Kristine Bull was, as my grandmother would say “doing the barking for the dog”. 

On February 15, 2012 Kristine Bull wrote FOUR separate comments. 

One “I tried to be kind to her (Ellen Oxman, the author of Up Against the Wall Street Banker) but she (Ellen) became so belligerent to me in her e mails.. I decided to stand up to her (Ellen Oxman). My goal was to keep pounding away at her (this is the woman who wanted me to meet her for dinner to tell me why she had been sleeping with my husband for more than a decade, and possibly her two children are his). “She’s (Ellen Oxman) like a dog with rabies and foaming at the mouth. I was worried re: “going nuclear” but this is war”

My son saw this and said “Mom, this lady is really scary. What is wrong with her?

Another comment on February 15, 2012 Kristine Bull “She (Ellen Oxman) is evil. Everything I have written is true, either told to me by Craig (the Wall Street Banker) or I witnessed it.”

Of course, I have never met this woman, as she herself writes to me by letter and in e mails “I would like to MEET you.” We have never laid eyes on each other, unless she has followed me, but I would not know her from Adam.

Each Comment she writes is to taunt or bully or bait or harass or to cause emotional distress, very intentionally, until she gets to the point of saying “My goal was to keep pounding away at her. Was worried re: going nuclear, this is war”

I never met this woman, who traveled all over the world with my husband and he followed her as she writes, to Germany, Pennsylvania, etc., but I am evil. 

I am the wife who was faithful and a good mother, but I am evil, need to be pounded, I am a dog with rabies, and she is worried she is going nuclear this is war. She writes in comments on my blog chapters. At the request of The Wall Street Banker. 

I called the police; I did the proper things I was told to do. 

When people who are abusive, bullies, don’t get there way by hiring lawyers, then they get their thug friends to come after you, whether they are dentists, doctors, lawyers, judges, court appointed psychiatrists.

The sandbox is bigger, more real, the stakes are high—your reputation, your well-being, your children. Your very life. This is where my generation, educated, privileged, has landed. It is like Kafka, but it is the USA. It is us. 

It is now. She even writes that I am like Whitney Houston, a drunk in the bathroom, slitting her wrists! She leaves no lie unturned, unturned, all in her cry for ChobiAy “Let the games begin!” Just a retired U.S. Army person, as she herself points out. Trained and ready to go nuclear, go to war, against me, the rabid mad dog. Who would not be afraid and afraid for her children?

With courage, I go back to the chapters that this had to necessarily interrupt.


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