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5 Fun Handmade Gift Ideas

Forget rushing around the stores fighting over the last of everything. Instead, stay home and make these fun gifts!

Gift 1: This gift is for the travelers in your life, or just those with wanderlust. Cut a map to fit into multiple frames. Frame the pieces in a few frames and display as a group.
Gift 2: For the new homeowner or college student, decorate ceramic dishes. Use a paint pen to draw designs on different pieces. We painted designs along the edges of cups and the insides of plates.
Gift 3: You can’t go wrong with the gift of food in my book! Layer bar ingredients in a jar and tie the recipe card around it. Then a friend can whip up something yummy in no time!
Gift 4: For the creative—or those who simply tend to run late—make them a creative clock! Buy a wooden clock kit and a wooden plaque. Cover the plaque with chipboard numbers then add the clock mechanics to it.
Gift 5: Make this fun, simple gift for a group of friends or as a stocking stuffer. Find a fun pattern or stencil and cut it from felt. 


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