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I Hue: The Best Choices for Your “Something Blue”

  • Mindy Weiss “I Do” Shoe Appliqué

    Even the bride who dreams of a perfectly white wedding can hide a little flash of color on the sole of her shoe. With these rhinestone appliqués, the magic words will be revealed when you kneel at the altar or remove the garter. ($6, available at Mindy Weiss)

  • Photo courtesy of Wedding Depot

    Bridal Hanky

    You’re going to need one anyway, so why not make this pretty embroidered handkerchief do double duty?


  • Sapphire Ring

    When you choose a sapphire in your engagement stone, the luck of your “something blue” will be with you always.

  • Glass Heart Charm

    This glass ornament will look beautiful tied around a bouquet or even tucked into a garter. After the wedding, it’ll be a beautiful keepsake whether it’s in your scrapbook or hanging on your rearview mirror. ($30, Dogeared)

  • Embroidered Lace Lingerie

    The bride who chooses these soft knit panties can give a Mona Lisa smile as friends and family ask what her “something blue” may be. Only the groom gets to know the real answer.

  • Peacock Garter

    One of the most time-honored ways of incorporating a little blue into your day is to wear a blue garter. Make it even more fun with a custom peacock garter, available by special order from The Garter Girl.

  • Blue Shoes

    Stylish brides know that a surprising pop of color can really make an outfit. These blue shoes will definitely do the trick. 

  • Blue Wedding Gown

    A small splash of color just isn’t enough for some brides. There’s no law that says the “something blue” can’t be your dress.

  • Blue Jewelry

    Your ring finger would get lonely if it was the only part of your body wearing diamonds. A pair of understated blue topaz and diamond earrings will go with any dress and be a stylish statement for years after the wedding. 

  • Hair Pins

    These small pins won’t detract attention from your dress or other jewelry, but they will fulfill the cherished tradition. 

  • Brooch

    A brooch can be pinned on the outside or inside of a dress, near the heart or near the hem, or can even be worn in the hair or on the handle of the bouquet. 

  • Delphinium Boutonniere

    Don’t leave your groom out of the tradition. A blue boutonniere makes an elegant addition to any suit or tuxedo. ($19.95, McAdams Floral)

  • Nail Polish

    Ten blue fingernails might clash a bit with a proper bridal gown, but on the toes they’re kicky and fun. Try OPI Blue My Mind.


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