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Lost Children & the Angel of Death

Lost Children & The Angel of Death?
So In my dream it started off with my daughter and son going to the park then I noticed it was dark & I couldnt find them I began to panic……aftter it went into another dream with a friend that had a baby from a man who happened to be the angel of death and right before he swooped in she told us to run and flew away like a white angel When she left the angel of death swooped in. I told my friend lets go please and ran out I left but not before the death angel tapped my friend and I on the shoulder…. I ran to a train station feeling followed & found an old man having some kind of attack but i couldnt call 911 b ecause I had left my phone behind. So I asked someone to call 911.The dream was horrible scary I dont know what to make of it Oh and through the whole thing I was pregnant.