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When it comes to love and sex, no question is too big or too small. Want to know where to meet people? Are you dating the right person? How do you end a relationship the right way? We have all the latest advice on dating in the digital age, marriage, single living, and sex. Find out everything you need to know for a happy and satisfying love life.
Whether you're trying to get the attention of a romantic interest or you're just trying to convince your dry cleaner to prioritize your last-minute stain removal, it helps to know how to flirt.
Dating can be hard, especially if you're unsure of modern dating etiquette. We talked with Rachel Dack, a licensed therapist and relationship counselor, and Kimi Avary, a relationship expert and founder of Conscious Couples Network, to... more
Breakups suck, but getting over your ex and mending your broken heart doesn't have to be the end of you. If you're ready to take control of your love life, we're here to help. Want to know how to get over your ex? Let these 12 dos and don'... more
When it’s time to let the world know that you and your love are ready for the next big step, you'll want to schedule an engagement photo session. Whether you prefer classic portraits or want to play up your personality in your pictures,... more
Trying to figure out whether a guy is interested in you or not just got easier. One of the most telling signs that a guy is interested doesn’t come from him actually saying those words, it’s the way his face looks and the way his body is... more
Ever since we were little, we’ve been given toys to entertain us and keep our interest. Why should playing with toys stop once we hit puberty? Adults like to play, too. If you’re looking for a little more excitement in between the sheets,... more
I found love on a mobile app. Not really, but it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Well, that’s eventually the goal of a dating app. When you’re on the hunt for love, you don’t have to look any further than that sensitive touch screen you... more
It’s time to face the facts: The dating rules your mother gave you have changed a bit. And by a bit, we mean that you no longer have to rely on the guy to make all the moves. We talked to a relationship expert about what twist modern times... more
Going through airport security is a big enough hassle as it is. When you decide to bring a sex toy along for the ride, things get a bit more complicated. We've got a few key packing tips that should make your adventure nothing but smooth... more
By Riley
When it comes to pinpointing what matters most in a mate, I tend to waffle between intangibles like a sense of humor and well-developed communication skills. But for millions of singles in cyberspace, the deciding factors are far less... more
Whether you're attending a wedding—or three—this year, or planning your own, we have seven tips to keep the faux pas out and good wedding gift etiquette in.
This Passion Parties rep has spoken with thousands of women about what they want—and what they want to buy. She gives us a peek into the bedroom.
From the onset of their first period, women know menopause is part of their future and what to expect when they get there. Because menopause is widely written, talked, and joked about our male partners are just as aware of its approach and... more
There are a couple things about multiple sclerosis (MS) you may not be aware of. One is that most people with MS live a normal lifespan. The second is that MS symptoms and progression are about the same for males and females, but women are... more
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Are you falling in love with someone who is too in love with themselves to love you back? Here are 10 signs you’re with a narcissist:
Being apart from your love is never easy, whether the distance is short or long term, but in today’s fast-paced and mobile world, separation is a common reality. When the miles separate you from your sweetheart, here are some easy... more
If you’re single, dating, or in the early stages of getting serious with someone, there’s no better time than now to find out what you need to do to have a fulfilling relationship. We’ve gathered some great insights from a huge... more
By Suzanne Casamento for at Valentine’s Day is like the New Year’s Eve of Love. There’s all this pressure to have an amazing evening, maybe even the date of a lifetime. But before you get... more
If you’re in a long-term relationship in 2013, you’ve probably thought about shacking up with your mate. If you aren’t yet in a serious relationship, this will definitely be a topic of conversation that comes up–and... more
By Nicole Cavanagh for, the world’s largest online dating site, has released findings from their Third Annual Comprehensive Study on the Single Population called ‘Singles in America.’ This... more
So you’ve got a new beau and you’re trying to decide if you should take your budding bond to the next level... in the bedroom. Sure, he’s hot and the scenes playing out in your head make you want to high tail it to your... more
By Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher, founders of Project Soulmate for In light of the recent reveal that Dan Marino, CBS football commentator and Miami Dolphins’ quarterback legend, fathered a love child in 2005, we... more
By Whitney Baker for While it’s tempting to think that celebrity couples never experience the ups-and-downs of real life, that’s not always the case. Like everyone else, they must survive personal heartbreak... more
I know I sound like a broken record about the benefits of dating online, especially if you are single and over 40. I’m going to continue to nag you about this because I want what you want: for you to find the man of your dreams, and... more