10 Secret Things Every Man Wants

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In a recent poll, Text In The City asked 100 men in New York City what they wanted day to day. Men are often shy when it comes to admitting what they are looking for, so we went out in search of answers for women, to ensure they never have to wonder again! Make your man happy this summer and give him just what he’s looking for in a relationship before he has a chance to ask…

1. Spa Day

No! Not for us, we want you to go have a spa day with your gal pals. This is not so we can be alone and sit around all day, but we like the way you smell, look and act when you come home. Quite frankly, when you are happy we are soooo happy. So, please take a spa day and then come home to us for a couple’s night in!

2. Skip the dessert and the dinner!

Your mom is a blast to be with and your dad is fun, but this Sunday let me be alone! We really do like the in-laws (most of the time) but we don’t want to spend all of our free time with them. Every once in awhile, let us just sit on the couch and stay at the television set.

3. Sex

That about sums it up.

4. A Dirty Girl

Please don’t make us tell you this one, quite frankly, it’s a little bit embarrassing, but we love dirty girls. Now, don’t get me wrong, we don’t like them all the time, but every once in awhile there is nothing wrong with some dirty sweet nothings…you will get whatever you want from us!

5. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

We like quiet time, and in fact when we get it, we will do more for you. This means don’t ask us if we’ve cleaned the bathroom, taken out the garbage or walked the dog, and don’t tell us to do it. The less you ask, the more we will do.

6. Date Night

We love excitement, and we are not just talking about in the bedroom. We love when you add something sappy to the schedule. Date night is a must, we want to feel like boys again. Let us pick you up, take you to the movies and make out in the backseat. Anything to keep this spicy is tops in our book.

7. Nothing Beneath the Sheets

No, it’s not the same as sex. We love to feel your body next to ours. So, the next time that you climb into bed first, surprise us and climb in nude. But be warned: you may not be going to sleep anytime soon!

8. Tell us we are look hot

We know we are not Brad Pitt, but please lie to us every once in awhile and let us believe we are. It’s not easy acting confident and manly all the time, but we try. So, when you think about it, we would love to hear how hot you think we are.

9. Walk the dog

Yes, we know that you cook the dinner and make the beds, but from time to time, we would love it if you walked to dog and let us relax. When you spoil us, you will get it in return 10-fold.

10. Hearing those 3 little words

Just because…



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