10 Ways To Get A Guy to Notice You!

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1. Walk in front of him: If he sees you he will most probably try and talk to you

2. Feel good about yourself: Be confident, dont be gloomy or sad

3. Be happy

4. Try to become his friend: You will find out more about him

5. Dont be flirting with him all the time: He will think you are very annoying if you flirt with him all the time

6. Smile when he looks at you: If he looks at you, give him something to look at

7. Be cute: Dont over do it

8. Try to talk to him about intrests: If you have something in common, you will become closer

9. Make him fell special: Tell him stuff he wants to hear

10. Be yorself: Dont try to be like someone else that he would like, guys like girls that are themselves(:

With these tips, take your best friend to the next level and see how it goes(;     


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