180 Days Around the Classroom

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Entry #3

It is now three hours later and I just can’t go to sleep. It is like my brain is on major overload. My body is saying, “Please, please go to sleep because you are going to need all the energy you can get to chase and entertain all those little ‘anklebiters’.”  But, then that little voice in my head has to remark with, “Just shut the *hell (darn it, now I need to put a dime in mawmaw’s jelly jar) up.”

Ok, ok, I even tried counting sheep but by the time I got to number twenty-four, the sheep somehow turned into twenty-four angry students yelling, “We Hate School, one, two, three. We Hate You four, five, six.”

*Shit, I need sleep. *Hell, I would even fill up the entire jelly jar with dimes (tonight I am now up to three more) if I could just get some sleep. I hope this is not indicative of my nights to come. Drat the luck, where is that Nighttime cold medicine when I need it???


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