The Adventures of Beta Jerry (Part 2)

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Jerry, your textbook Beta-male, is a member of a community sports club. On weekends enthusiasts of all ages gather to enjoy a certain game. Some of the members are too young to drive and Jerry, being the nice guy that he is, often volunteered to drive them home.

One of those members was a pretty blond girl about ninth grade or high school junior. Let’s call her Mary. Mary and Jerry became pals and they often played and joked with each other. Mary really must have liked Jerry because she eventually started trying to set Jerry up with her own mother, a divorced businesswoman a few years older than Jerry. Like so many women before her, Mary’s mother loved Jerry immediately, but only as a friend and not as a potential date. When Jerry drove Mary home, he would often share a coffee with Mary’s mother. He sometimes even stayed for dinner. But much to Mary’s disappointment, the relationship between her mother and Jerry remained strictly unromantic.

Mary was persistent. She tried soft-sell and hard-sell. She told Jerry what a wonderful person her mother was and what a fool he was for not showing more interest. She advised him on what to wear or say when he visited for coffee next time. She nagged Jerry to up the ante. She was probably doing the same for her mother. But after a while her frustration with the lack of progress started to became evident. Mary would sometimes yell at Jerry. At first Jerry tried to calm her down patiently, but it eventually got out of hand when the young girl started crying and screaming whenever the topic came to a standstill.

Jerry had driven Mary home one day when the topic of making romantic overtures to her mother was brought up again. Jerry parked his car near Mary’s house and patiently explained that you cannot order a relationship like pancakes at IHOP. Mary got emotional. Tears flowed, voices were raised and it went on for some time until a cop flashed his flashlight into Jerry’s car and asked if everything was alright.

“May I see your ID?” said the cop.

Jerry was about to comply when Mary interjected.

“He’s my mom’s boyfriend. So buzz off!”

Jerry apologized to the policeman who went off on his way.

That night, Jerry brought Mary home, nose red and eyes swollen with tears, and asked Mary’s mother if the three of them could have a bit of serious talk. When they sat around the kitchen table, Jerry started off by stating matter-of-factly that Mary wanted Jerry to marry her mother. Mary’s mother acknowledged that she was aware of it. Jerry said he was confident that he could be as devoted a husband as any man, but he had never had a successful relationship with one woman, let alone two. Then he addressed Mary. “Can you really imagine me as your father?” he asked. Mary said she could. Jerry disagreed.

“If I were your father, I would scold you for not doing your homework, ground you for stepping over the line, and discipline you when you need it in order to shape you into a decent, productive member of the adult world. I will provide the best guidance I can to lead you through life and make you into the best person you can be. But if you are just looking for someone who will be cool with whatever you do or take your side all the time, that person is not me and that is not what you should be looking for in a father. If I became your father, I will not be just someone who will be cool to hang out with. If you cannot imagine me in that role, you are not seeing me as your mother’s husband.”

After they all had their say, Jerry left the house with the request that Mary and her mother think it over carefully. Mary stopped showing up at the sports club after that and Jerry kept missing the opportunity to visit Mary’s mother. About a month later, Jerry bumped into Mary’s mother quite by accident and they shared a coffee. She said that she had been warming to the idea of dating Jerry, but ever since that night Mary had lost interest. She said she thought that Jerry had said the right thing, but it was not what Mary expected of Jerry. She said Mary now realized that she should look for someone she could rely on to lead her through life to be her father and not just a fun friend. She thanked Jerry for everything. But Jerry just said that it was a rejection all the same.

Mary’s mother eventually married a Clark Kent look-a-like who was a vigorous Alpha-male. They divorced a little over a year later when she pressed charges for his attempted rape of Mary.

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