Like All Things Shiny

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Like all things shiny, a person can begin to fade and dull with time. The bracelet from your loved one, after some wear, needs to be cleaned, as do the brand new pair of the white sneakers you bought to jog through the neighborhood in. But unlike these material possessions, a person cannot be polished, washed, or wiped clean of the fading and scratches that have occurred over time.

But like some material things, like the dress you bought thinking it would be perfect for that cocktail party but ended up making you look frumpy or the belt you purchased that ended up not matching your shoes as nicely as you had hoped, people turn out to be not exactly what you originally thought. The new guy you have been on three dates with may seem to practice chivalry by opening doors for you and may seem to share the same beliefs as you. That girl you met at the wedding seemed like a fun party girl who can hang out all night taking jager-bombs. But in reality, there are so many more things that can make or break a relationship.

Does he start to seem to get jealous whenever you mention a guy friend’s or classmates’ name? Does she seem as though she begins to whine when you have to leave her for a softball game each Thursday night? Or do they just not act as though they even care where you are, whom you are with or what you are doing? For each person it’s different. And for each person it is a challenge. Picking up on and noticing the differences in people from who you thought they were and who they turn out to be is extremely difficult, not to mention excruciating painful to your emotions, especially if you are already hooked. You thought he was always going to be mushy and lovey-dovey, until a few months in and he begins to forget to say “I love you” when he is around his guy friends. She seemed like the type to let you live your life the way you had been with one night a week playing poker with the guys but she begins to worry and wonder who is actually there, “are there ever any girls are there?”

These things tend to creep up on a person, all of a sudden poking their little head around the corner one day saying, “Psst! Hey! This person is actually a complete troll compared to what you thought. Might want to run.” Then comes the hard part; to stay or not to stay?



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