Are Long Distance Relationships Ideal?

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We’ve been closely following the long-distance relationships of a handful of single parent bloggers—and gushing all the way!

For example, there’s T, who blogs often about dating her guy long distance. We love how she keeps it positive when it comes to balancing it all: two kids, an ex, a full-time job … and her sweet Rascal.

“I know that I certainly wonder if all of this long-distance-goodness can translate into real, everyday-life wonderfulness,” T has written.

She’s not the only single parent blogger who is making a long-distance relationship work—and staying positive!

If you haven’t yet heard about Canadian Bald Guy and Momma Sunshine, you should.

“At the stage of my life I’m in right now, being in a long distance relationship is actually pretty beneficial,” Momma Sunshine writes, going on to explain all the reasons why their time apart is actually positive.

Canadian Bald Guy even wrote about proposing marriage(!)—although he said that that he and Sunshine would need to live in the same city, for starters.

If you’re in a long distance relationship now, we’d love to know how you make it work. We bet you have a lot to say.

Originally published on SingleMommyHood


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