Are Vibrators Bad or Good for Women?

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I was introduced to vibrators by my hubby, and I think that they are, in part, a male fantasy thing. He has bought me several shapes and sizes, including two that look like penises. I have also experienced a little soreness sometimes when using them. Yes, they can produce pleasure, but it is too quick, and intense. If you have a partner that is willing and able to satisfy you the way you want, why use vibrators? I suppose that if you are single, and don’t want to go through the trouble of finding a decent penis, or waking up to a guy who doesn’t look so great the next morning (LOL), then why not go ahead and use them? There are women who need a “full” feeling to have an orgasm, but I personally don’t. Personally, I can satisfy myself very well without one. A big advantage of vibrators is that they offer commitment-free, no-risk sex, and you don’t need to get in the mood. You use them whenever you want, have as many orgasms as you want, then go watch Northern Exposure! Maybe vibrators are bad in the sense that you don’t need to build a relationship with a guy!



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