Are you planning for a date? Some points to remember

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So, has the guy or the girl you have had a crush on for the last so any days finally consented to go out with you? If yes then congratulations. But, are you confident of making a good impression or are you having butterflies in your stomach? In case the later is true, you are at the right place. For what you now need are some tips to make your date amazing and boost your confidence.

1. Choosing the Venue – Since you do not know each other very well, the choice of venue becomes critical. Do not choose places like museums, movie halls or art galleries for the idea is to talk get to know each other. The best place to meet up would be a café or a restaurant (in case the date does not turn according to your expectations, you can always turn to food). If you do know the person well and have common interests then it would be natural to go there.

2. What to Wear? – The second tip to make your date amazing is to be yourself! You would have spent hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what looks best on you. The truth, however, is that unless you are comfortable in what you are you will not be able to behave that way and a nervous first date will not take you anywhere. Do not put on a style that is not yours, be the person you are for in the future dates keeping up with a fake you might not work. However, that does not mean that you do not prepare for the date. You should definitely make extra effort to look good, put on a perfume so you smell good!

3. What to talk? You need to decide on which way you will steer the evening. Do not interpret the last tip of ‘being yourself’ as putting your entire life story on the platter. You need to think of topics which would be of interest to your date as well. A conversation cannot be one-sided and should definitely have participation from both sides.

4. Carry a small gift – You could carry a bouquet of fresh flowers for your girl. If you are a girl, you could carry some small gift to make your date feel a little on top of the world. The idea is not to impress the other person with an expensive gift, but be a little sensitive with the gifting. The gift is like a small memory of the meeting the date will carry back.

5. Budget issues – When selecting the venue, buying a gift or even ordering the food, do not go overboard. The date should not leave you with a dent in your pocket. If you have invited the person over, you should be paying, but if you are invited, it would be polite to suggest that you ‘go Dutch’
And the most important tip to make your date amazing – smile. It is a sure shot way of putting the other person at ease. It says that you are congenial, feeling comfortable and confident. So smile and make your date memorable one. Follow these points to make your trip ever-loving and not to forget to take a few snapshots to preserve memories forever.

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