Are You a Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, or Scarlett O’Hara?

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One of these four characters holds the key to your soul-mate destiny.

If you are still single and not happy about it, take the time to skim this info. You are manifesting a single life … like it or not, that is the truth of the matter. The part of you that is making sure you stay single is your inner saboteur.

Ironically, your saboteur thinks that the risk of new love is way more painful than being alone. What does that mean? You either undermine every potential relationship before it has a chance to grow or you abandon the relationship before he abandons you.

So why Snow White, Rapunzel, Scarlett, and Sleeping Beauty? There are four saboteur styles and I categorize them with imaginary characters to personalize them a bit. This is not an evil force living inside you heart breaking your heart at every turn (even though it feels like that a lot of the time.)

No, this is a sensitive and caring part of you who just wants exactly what you want: To be loved and feel happy. That’s it. Your saboteur can be won over and recruited to help you attract true love. Wouldn’t it be nice if your path to love was easier and more fun?

Once you know your saboteur style, you can make a soul-mate-attraction plan with some real teeth. Each style has its own preferences and strengths. Heck, she has been manifesting your singleness all these years and KNOWS how to get what she wants. Convince her to work with you instead of against you and some real magic will happen.

Tonight I am teaching about the four saboteur styles, how you can recognize which you might be, and how to convince your saboteur that you really don’t want to be single anymore. You have a strong inner concept of life as a single person. It is all you have known for years. What if your very self-sabotage habits could lead to true love?

It happened for me and I am sharing the tools I discovered on my way so you can attract true love once and for all!

How about you? Do you wonder what your chances are for soul-mate success?



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