Avoid the Road to Splitsville

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The current economic climate is creating dramatic lifestyle changes as job losses, underemployment, and drastic belt-tightening become more commonplace in cities across the country. Divorces are down, the lowest rates recorded this decade. But pundits believe they are likely to soar as soon as signs of the weakened economy lift. Why? They reason that many couples facing marital discord are delaying filing for divorce because of the high costs associated with it.

What can couples do to prevent splitsville? How can they use this togetherness—voluntary or necessary—to strengthen their relationships? What’s the right strategy to glue together fractured relationships so couples stick with each other after the economy rebounds?

  • Recognize the root of any problems. If you let a schism chip away at intimacy shared during good times, soon it will completely unravel, relates the couple.
  • Make the most of unexpected closeness: With unemployment and underemployment affecting many couples in all socioeconomic classes, it may mean one or both partners may be spending more time at home. Use this time to reconnect with your partner as a friend … and lover.
  • Find a common interest and pursue it together, so you establish new common ground beyond kids, your job, and yourselves.
  • Offer emotional support: Show your spouse you are supportive of his or her needs. Talk through the difficulties of recent changes in your life together.
  • Avoid sweating the small stuff: Despite any economic blues that may be affecting your life, practice domestic bliss at home. Rediscover gracious living … and entertain with friends and neighbors.
  • If you have rainy day dollars tucked away, start a home-improvement project together. 
  • Start with the bedroom. Turn the master suite into a room you will both treasure. Start to take the relationship out of stalled and back to start with little changes. Arrange the room with candles and soft music to put romance back in the air.
  • Schedule date nights. They turn ordinary Friday and Saturday nights into fun again. Escape with your partner to an all-new environment. Add a degree of sexiness to the night. Visit a new restaurant, or new city, or place that the two of you have not frequented. It’s amazing the chemistry a new setting can create.
  • Feel stalled sexually? Don’t let it overwhelm you. Reach for a little help, perhaps a natural alternative sexual enhancement product to help get mismatched libidos in synch, double your pleasure and make sex more frequent. Physical closeness will help you reconnect in many ways. Enhanced satisfaction will turn mundane and predictable into new and magical.


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