Being There: A True Friend

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When you lose someone who knows you best, you often feel lost. It’s like losing a part of yourself. You spent the next few months trying to figure out what was wrong with you or how you could have fixed the situation. You spent the time looking all around, searching for that one person who understands. That person who knows what you need without it being sad. That person who gives you their shoulder to lean your troubled head against. That person who gives wraps their arms around you to give you some stable support to hold on to. That person who lays down on the cold, hard floor to be the cushion you will need to brace your fall. That person who will do the silliest things just to see you smile. That person who will take you down memory lane just to show you the good times in your time of hurt. That person who gives up pieces of themselves instantaneously to replace the missing pieces of yourself. That person who will be your punching ball, your sound stage when you feel the need to just kick out and scream. That person is a true friend. They might just be a singular being or maybe they come in multiples. One thing is always certain, they’re always be there. Just wipe your tears away and look in the corner. There he or she is … a true friend!



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