The Best of Both Swerves

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One of the strangest phenomena I’ve encountered in thirteen years living as a woman is the lengths some people will go to for something they can’t admit they want.

I’ll bet good money every single one of you knows at least one closeted gay man or lesbian woman in denial. We all do. We catch them glancing at Ken or Barbie when they think no one’s looking, then they loudly bluster about that hot chick/dude they want to bang when they catch you looking.

Closet folks go to strange lengths to stay closeted. Some just macho/girly blustering, some outright ridiculous stories to dismiss any hint they might be queer.

One such length is dating transgendered people.

Now I don’t know if FTM (Female-To-Male) boys go through this as much as MTFs do, though I see no reason why they’d be immune to this phenomenon, but damn near every trans girl I know, and I myself, the intersexed freak of nature, have dated at least one guy or girl who was with us because we were a way to stay closeted while indulging their forbidden passions.

See we Transfolk are like weed. We’re considered a gateway to the hard stuff by some people. I mean, a guy who wants so badly to put a penis in his mouth while he’s still in the closet will see a gorgeous T-Girl and think to himself, “Yeah! I can fuck her and it won’t make me gay! All my friends will see a hot chick and they’ll never know she’s packing!”

I expect FTM boys get the same evaluation from closeted lesbians about pussy.

So it’s a strange fact of life for TG folk that while we experience a lot of hate in the world, even from gay and lesbian people, we also have to adjust to the very bizarre fact that we’re a sexual fantasy for a LOT of people.

I would like to point out here that I believe if you fall in love with a woman and find out she has a cock and you still love her, you’re not gay. Maybe a teeny bit bi, but not outright gay. If you intentionally SEEK a girl with a cock, BECAUSE she’s a girl with a cock, well, you’re here, you’re queer, get used to it.

There’s a flipside to this phenomenon I really hate.

Bi-curious girls.

GOD, I hate bi-curious girls.

See a lot of bi-curious girls will go for a t-girl because they want to feel like they’re being brave and exploring but are still too afraid to look for full blown born-from-birth women to date. So before I sign off on this column I’m going to say to bi-curious girls a message they need to hear. As I said above, if you fall in love with a girl and THEN find out she has a penis, and you’re still cool with that? That’s perfectly cool. If you seek us only because of the plumbing? CUT IT OUT.

We have feelings too, and I know some t-girls like the attention and don’t feel used, but a lot of us do feel used when we’re pursued solely as an experiment or a stealth shield.

If you can’t be honest with yourself, be honest with us. If you’re seeking to date a transwoman because they ARE a transwoman, tell them so. You’d be surprised how many of them will still give you a chance if you just tell us the truth.


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