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The Best “O” of My Life!

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This story contains mature or graphic content.

I was staying at my boyfriend’s house for the night so, having the place to ourselves, we quickly found ourselves in the bedroom. After a long, steamy make-out session, I found myself lying in the middle of his bed, my head on his pillows and my legs spread, with him on top of me still kissing me, but now we were both undressed.

Now, before this night, he had only eaten me out once before, a long while ago. I love the feeling of my guy’s tongue on my clit and flicking and sucking on me, but I don’t like to ask for it, hence only the one time before.

So he was kissing me so intensely, our bodies just feeling the heat of one another. No penetration or anything yet, just kissing. But, now he slowly moves his kisses to my neck, nibbles on my ear lobe (something that drives me wild), and keeps moving his head lower and lower, kissing me all over. His lips move over my stomach, my abdomen, and my sides, back up to my boobs, and then to my thighs, completely ignoring my throbbing pussy. He kisses my inner thighs over and over, moving up and down. He moves slightly closer to my pussy, now kissing the crease between my thigh and lower stomach. At this point, I am restless and can’t help but become dripping wet with anticipation. The continuous kissing of everywhere except where I want his mouth is driving me so crazy, I almost cum right then.

Then, he finally moves his lips and gently licks my pussy, at first slowly just to tease me a little more. Then he eats me out like never before. He flicks his tongue over my clit as I scream and grab my boobs in excitement. He sucks on my pussy and jams his tongue inside me and far as it will go. I can barely contain myself; I have never felt this much ecstasy in my life. My calves start to twitch uncontrollable, my mind is swirling, and every muscle in my body in contracting with shear joy.

In my head, I can’t help but think, Holy shit! as my body shakes and quivers. As I experience the most intense orgasm of my entire life, even to this day, I gush all over his bed, right after he finishes me off and is kissing my boobs.

Immediately after that, I pull his face to mine, kiss him as deeply as I can, and beg him to fuck me as hard as possible. He smiles at me and bites my bottom lip, another thing that drives me wild. He takes his hard cock and rubs the tip against my dripping wet pussy, still teasing me. He slowly rubs his member up and down my pussy, touching me ever so lightly, then without any warning, he penetrates me so hard and deep I can’t help but scream with pleasure. He fucks me harder and harder, and right before I cum again, he slows down and teases me again. Then he does the same thing—he goes inside me with such force I instantly cum. He shortly cums after as well … pulling out so I can suck his still-hard penis, now dripping with both our juices.

I will never forget that night, and the best part that made it over the top was the continuous teasing … the kisses on my inner thighs and my pussy begging to be touched.


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