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When I was asked to write an article on abuse, for a specific publication. I wasn’t sure, I had anything to say. Even now as I sat here at the computer I’m searching for the right words.

I have been a victim of several forms of abuse. But for various reasons, I chose to fight my battle from within myself. I became my best friend as well as my worst enemy, all at the same time. I watched both of my sisters and my mother go through physical, and mental abuse, and emotional abuse. My cousin was murdered on the sidewalk in Texas, while trying to escape an abusive relationship and her daughter was an onlooker, and couldn’t do anything to help, she was just a toddler. The most disturbing thing about an abusive relationship, is the quiet and subtle way society deals with it, it appears to be at the bottom of their things to do list. Society takes abuse very lightly, and in many cases the victim is made to feel that it is their fault.

They are lead to believe that they even caused it, in some cases. It has been said that cancer and heart disease is the number one killer among women today. I beg to differ. Statistic’s show domestic violence to be the highest documented caseload in death, in the United States alone. Domestic violence units report that over three million victims of domestic violence crimes are committed each year. This means that every nine seconds someone is being beaten by their partner. Four thousand deaths occur through domestic violence each year. Our goal and purpose is to bring awareness to the public. We want to shed the light on what lawmakers seem to take lightly. We hold Beyond the Abuse conference in every state where the door is opened to us.

Victims need to know what kind of relationships they are getting themselves into. If there are control issues in the beginning, please take note this will not change. Check out the family history; find out what his or her likes and dislikes are. Are there jealousy issues in the family? What is the extent of them wanting to control you? And what is their fear, why do they need to control you? What will send them into an uncontrollable rage? Don’t be pushed into a permanent relationship that is only supposed to be temporary. We know many victims are crying out, we are there, and we hear you. We will cry out with you, until our voices are heard and things are changing. Too many lives have been lost through abuse. We say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.



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