Bridezilla: Temporary Insanity or a Deeper Behavioral Pattern?

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You have seen the shows or at least the commercials about “Bridezillas,” women who become total monsters during their wedding planning just so they can have the “perfect day” they have always dreamed of. Grant it, wedding planning can be very stressful, especially if you want a large wedding and you have no experience doing event planning. That is why I would recommend you hire a wedding planner unless you plan on having a small wedding (under thirty people) or you decide to elope.

I have begun to wonder what these Bridezillas are like when they are not planning a wedding. It is most likely that these women have a habit of reacting similarly during times of stress. In fact, I am willing to bet that how you behave in times of stress is not too far from how you behave during calmer times. It comes down to what you believe and how you think about your life situation.

Most normal, rational women do not become raging, crazy control freaks over their weddings. What is more accurate is that the women who become Bridezillas are those who tend to be controlling already.

Are you a control freak?

  • Do you believe that you know the best way to do things?
  • Do you believe that because you know best, others should do it your way?
  • Do you instruct people on how to do things the “right way” when you see them doing them another way?
  • Have people accused you of being bossy? A back seat driver?
  • Are you often impatient or irritable when people are doing things differently than the way you do them?
  • Do you become angry when things don’t go your way, criticizing and blaming others?

If you are a bride reading this and you can answer yes to more than one of these, you may be a control freak. Are you content with your behavior? Does your behavior lead to more stress and arguments? Is your behavior getting you closer to your future husband?

If you are a groom reading this article, you may want to ask yourself whether you have noticed this controlling behavior in your bride before you got engaged. If you have, please do not kid yourself. This behavior will not magically disappear. Before you say “I do” to a woman who is controlling, you need to consider seriously whether you want to spend your life under her thumb.

Getting married is not a decision to enter into lightly. Take the time to make sure you are doing the right thing with the right person for you. Before you say “I do” schedule some pre-marital planning with a counselor or a Relationship Coach to make sure that you both know what your requirements are for a happy, successful relationship.


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