The Charm in the Beast

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When I first met him, I thought he was the other half of me. Always so concerned about how I was doing. Having good conversation with meaning. Respectful and appreciated me as a woman. What more could I ask for? Why wouldn’t I say yes when he asked me to marry him? He was what I was looking for.

Taking a honeymoon on a beautiful island was my dream. I couldn’t wait to get some of that sun on my skin. Couldn’t wait for my body to feel the ocean. I can finally wear that swim suit I bought. I was wrong! I guess the swim suit which was a one piece, was to much for my husband. As soon as he saw me in it, I felt a blow to my face, a pull of the hair, a kick to the stomach. After I was on the ground, I don’t remember anything else.

When I woke up I was in the hospital. What was supposed to be a seven day honeymoon, turned into twenty-six days of me being in the hospital. My husband was right on the side of me holding my hand. He told me he was glad I woke up. He told me I was beaten up by an local islander. He told me he picked him out in a line up. Where was I when this happened because the last thing I remember was my husband kicking me to the floor.

We finally returned home and the charm was back  again. He was buying me things. Bringing me flowers every day. Running my bath water with  candles, and the wine glass on the side. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I did get beaten by an local islander. My husband loved me too much to hurt me. Too much to put me in the hospital. What was I thinking?

Eight months later I called my husband at work and asked him what he wanted for dinner. He told me to cook whatever I wanted. I decided to make shrimp fried rice and corn on a cob, with dinner roles. I had the table all prepared with dinner once he was home. I placed the plate in front of him. Before I knew it the table was lifted off the floor. My husband was screaming at me about dinner. Earlier when I called he told me he wanted steak. This was his excuse. I knew he told me whatever was fine. The charm left again, and the beast was out.

The beast left me sore. The beast left me with pulled hair and a bruised cheek. The beast told me that I don’t listen to him and this is what happens. He then tells me he loves me and kiss me on the bruised cheek. Maybe he did say steak. I need to listen to him more. I don’t want  the beast back at me.

The beast comes out more than the charm lately. I haven’t seen my beautiful self in a long time. I keep hoping the charm will return back to me. After all, he is what I married. He is my husband.


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