Cheap Wedding Favors

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Among the many important elements to be looked upon in a wedding lie the favors. Keeping the favors simple, provide a great deal of help in doing some smart savings over your wedding; which is just one pricey affair! It also helps keep the budget in place. Now, by cheap wedding favors, I do not mean to signify the fact that, you would be presenting your guests with corny stuff; but something which is personalized and unique. The description below would throw some light on how to go about some cheap wedding favors.

Why Wedding Favors
The motive behind wedding favors is to make the guests feel gratified and appreciated for what they have done to make the wedding special. In other words, it is just another special way to thank the guests. So how do you begin with it? A great way to cut the costs is to get the stuff in bulk.

So coming back to the point, when it comes to this subject, nothing can match the beauty of hand-made wedding favors. Among the best examples of such favors are food items such as cakes, wines, cookies, sweets, and all that you may think of. Food items always do a good job not only as cost-effective wedding favors, but as delicious favors, which do not give the bothersome thought of storing them at home. Speaking of food items, mints are a great choice. They are not only cheap, but tasty as well.

What I did to make my wedding favors cheap, was I got myself some wine bottles in bulk, personalized them and presented them as the favors. Trust me; the amount of money that I saved was less than the appreciation of my guests.

One of my close friends chose elegant candles to be presented as wedding favors. No matter what type the wedding is of, you can find candles that would suit every occasion. The various shapes and sizes offer versatility that comes handy in making them cheap and cost effective.

If you are thinking about glass items which you can paint with special messages for your guests, then you are thinking right. Painted glass items never get old, and they always find a special place in their guests’ heart. Candles holders, wine glasses, vases, etc are commonly used. The messages could consist of one liner’s, poems, quotes, or your personalized thoughts. There could be no better way to give wings to your creativity and showcase it on your wedding day. And it does not just stick to messages, if you have knack for painting, them go ahead, do it as well. It’s your day; make it special in your own special way!

Searching for idea’s online would serve as the best option. Look for bridal websites, among which some of them offer to personalize the favors for no cost.

If your wedding is being held in spring, then what could be more adorable than using individual potted plants as wedding favors for the guests? Pots made of clay come without any cost and flowers such as daisy and marigold, make for some natural, good-looking favors. However, do not hesitate to try on some other kinds of flowers too.

Have you ever thought of sunglasses, which can be purchased at low rates? They are simply a novelty item and meant for being worn at the wedding. Moreover, they would make the photos funny and hilarious.

And coming to my final choice of cheap wedding favors are some great looking vintage photo frames. When it comes to thoughtful and practical favors, frames simply fit the bill. Moreover, they can be availed in multiple themes, unique for every guest. And to add to these, give a thought on bookmarks. They are best, when you stress on personalization of wedding favors. Most couples get them under a dollar a piece.

So this is it, for my tips and tricks over the article on ‘wedding favors cheap’. The word ‘cheap’ here, must not be taken as corny or something similar. It is about being humble, simple, unique and full of gratitude towards the guests. Enjoy your wedding!


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