Cheating Scenario Three

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This one is called, “Politics, Power, and Philandering.” It should be familiar since John Edwards is currently under federal investigation if he had used campaign funds inappropriately in light of his affair with Rielle Hunter, who was the videographer in his campaign.

I had watched Oprah’s interview with Elizabeth Edwards when it aired a few months ago. I cringed when she started off stammering and a slight quiver in her voice betrayed her calm demeanor. I was wondering why do these political wives put themselves through such unnecessary pain in public? I was embarrassed for her.

Soon Elizabeth gathered strength and proved me wrong. She HAD something to say. I can’t quote verbatim but below is a gist of what I understood.

Though I am not sure I have the same gumption to do what she did—take things day-by-day to preserve her more than thirty-year marriage. She did convince me that she did it out of love. She and John undeniably went through a lot in the past thirty-odd years; death of their son, Wade, her breast cancer, supporting John’s campaign, recurrence of her breast cancer, John dropping out of the race, and the scandal. This federal investigation will now add more load to the already difficult times.

She was very candid when Oprah asked, “Are you still in love with him?”

Elizabeth responded, “You know, that’s a complicated question.”

Oprah asked further, “Is it a day-by-day thing?” And she replied, “Neither one of us is out the door so I guess it’s day by day, but maybe it’s month by month.”

Her reason for staying was that you can’t wipe out the thirty-odd years when John had been the wonderful husband, perfect father and all in all, her best friend. She went on to say that if you remove this recent glitch in his life, he would had been the perfect partner for her. Instead of focusing on this negative, she is trying to build a life around the positives—common love for their children, the strength of their thirty-odd year love and their family life. Just like she didn’t allow the cancer to take over her life, she will not allow the other woman to interfere in her family.

I sincerely wish Elizabeth well and she totally earned my utmost respect for staying for the right reasons. If she had been political and status-conscious, this would have been the perfect time to leave disgraced John and his dashed political hopes. I would say this come closest to unconditional love between a man and a woman that I have seen.

Even Oprah admitted that she could see the love surrounding the Edwards’ massive mansion.  


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