A Cretin or a Man, Which Are You?

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I have had an absolute gut full of the two faced, hypocritical double standard applied to the sexuality of women. Why is it that a woman who enjoys having sex with multiple partners, who is honest and open about experiencing sexual fulfillment in which ever way she likes, is so often denigrated and put down.

You may ask what form does this put down take. I’ll tell you. She’s called a slut, a whore, or a nympho, most often by the men who would willingly jump into bed with her at the first opportunity.

Where ever men come together, be it the work place, the pub, bar, club house or their own lounge watching a game with a few mates, these words will be heard. As bad as this is, it is the underlying mentality of so many men continues to promote this disgusting view of women.

Take a look at the titles on the video’s and picture galleries at every porn site on the web. See the slut do this, she’s a really dirty girl … is a whore who will do … filthy mature woman … all this absolutely infuriates me because it is the dirty, filthy, disgusting perverted male who is poking his dick into these woman.

I want you men to think about what it would feel like if we were referred to in this totally disrespectful manner. I offer this thought: maybe its time for you girls to sink to our level and use these terms in reference to the males you discuss. I’m not making any judgment on porn, I watch some forms of it myself, its the male attitude toward women that sickens me.

Do women not have the right to be treated as equals, to behave as they want and not be put down by men? I say they have that right and its time for men who agree to support them and say so whenever and where ever they can. We start by changing the way we talk with our mates and let them know what is acceptable. Its also easy to stop the way women are spoken about and used as a male playthings in porn, just boycott the sites that will not change their attitude. If any guys are offended at what I’ve said … good.

Regards, Paul.



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