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I should be happy. I am engaged to a man who works hard to support us, but in the last year, I have found myself becoming more and more disgruntled with our relationship.

I can’t say when it all began, but maybe it has always been there and I was just so good at hiding it from everyone, including myself, that I didn’t see it. But here I am, thirty-six and seriously considering getting out after three years together.

I have felt unloved, not desired, and taken for granted, and I finally admitted to all of this after another problem brought everything to a head. He didn’t take it well and lately our fights have been because he doesn’t think I really want this to work. Truth of the matter is: maybe I don’t. I have tried to explain to him that I need affection, I need intimacy. We have neither of those things, we barely had them in the beginning of the relationship and now they are gone. GONE. They have been missing for quite some time now.

Is it possible for this relationship to survive or is it just better to walk away, and try to leave us with a bit of dignity?


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