Crushes and Heartbreaks

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During the summer I developed a massive crush on my chiropractor. He was tall and lanky but extremely good looking. I looked forward to every visit knowing that he would put his arms around me in order to adjust my bones. Hey what can I say its been four years since a man has touched me so I was thrilled. With every touch my body would tingle and i would always ask questions hoping to find out if he was married or dating. I learned he was separated with kids. Deep down my gut told me not to pursue for it would end in heartbreak and for once I listened to that gut feeling. When my health insurance was cancelled the doctor no longer continued his services or even remained friends with me. I would later see him in the mall with his wife who I discovered had reconciled with him. I wish them well though it did sting a bit.

I would later develop a crush on two co-workers.Both young guys fresh out of college. One I would invite to watch a movie only for him to cancel on me once and then choose to sit as far away from me as possible. After the movie I asked if we could hang again and I never heard from him again. My latest crush was on another co-worker who I never saw much of due to our working different shifts. I would see him briefly and my heart would actually flutter. I was actually anxious to go to work just to see him. He's a quiet guy who doesn't do alot of talking. Infact I found myself having to do all the talking and trying to get him out of his shell. Finally I saw him chatting on facebook and I said hey I hope I am not bothering you too much at work but I was hoping we could be friends and I am just trying to get to know you better. He never replied back nor even spoke to me at work. Though I had a crush on him I was at least hoping we could be friend and hang out at least.

To be honest I never go out anywhere because simply I don't like the bar scene and bars are the only places to go in my town. So I took it as a sign that my new crush wasn't interested in being a friend and that kinda of stung. However I picked myself up and dusted myself off. I have had many and I mean many crushes in my life dating back to kindergarten. I have learned in my 31 years on this earth that its part of life. You fall for a guy and sometimes he will like you back and other times he will not. I've dated lots of guys and have had experience and heartbreak. I will probably always have crushes and most often they will be one sided but maybe just maybe one day i will find he right guy or he will find me.


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