Dating After Marriage

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I have always been a person who loves men. I am older now and have had some really good romances in my life. I have not been with a lot of men, but I choose very carefully with whom I plan to spend any time.

I did not date around a lot in high school. Instead I went “steady” as we called it in those day. I was with the same boy for five years and we almost married, but he made a fatal mistake. He went off to college and one night he called me by another girl’s name. That was the end of that. I was twenty years old and would not stand for him fooling around while going steady with me.

I later married a man I loved very dearly and still do. We built a good life together, had a nice home, set and met goals, traveled, and raised a family. We sort of grew into adulthood together and matured the way so many people do. Slowly our lives grew apart and after twenty-five years, we divorced but are still friends.

I then met a wonderful man who was European. We were introduced by a friend and after a short time, we fell very much in love. We were lovers for twelve years by way of a long distance romance. We had jobs where we could both travel and saw each other three or four times a year but there was not marriage. Eventually life took a strange turn and we stopped seeing each other. However, we stay in contact over the Internet and still have a special affection for each other.

A few years ago my first real boyfriend, all grown up now, contacted me and we are once again seeing each other. We talked about old times together and times when we were apart and agreed that some day we may once again be together again on a more permanent basis.

One thing I have learned about what is keeping me single is that I truly like myself. I do not feel I need someone to make me whole as a person or to justify my being. The things I have always looked for in a man is intelligence, consideration, caring for another’s feelings, independence, understanding, and the ability to love unconditionally. He must not be looking for a trophy wife, must be fairly close to my age, and good looks help, but are not the most important thing. The eyes can tell you more about a person then any thing else.



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