Dating: First Impressions, Part 2

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Reality. If reality was an actual person, I’d probably punch it in the neck. Why? Sometimes, or most times (depending on how much baby Jesus thinks I suck), reality really is a jerk. Only sometimes, though.

I’m a dork, a gigantic geek bag! It’s true. No, really, it is! I was a nerd before it was cool, dammit! However, there’s just no helping a person’s uninformed perception (AKA ignorance). You see, being a dork and an odd ball, dating women was often lost on me. No women wanted to date a geek like me, I thought.

You never heard about Dustin Diamond dating a hot girl, now did you? If you did, surely you chuckled at such a ridiculous rumor. However, the coolness of nerds and geeks has skyrocketed over the years, with shows like Beauty and the Geek and the rise to stardom of actors like my hero, Seth Rogan.

Seeing that the king of chubs and geeks, Seth Rogan, was dating super-hottie Lauren Miller, for four years (at the time) gave me hope that a geek like me could find a hottie of my own as well. And found one I did! The nerd wins!

My girlfriend, I tell my friends, is a lot prettier than a dork like me deserves. I’m sure Seth Rogen felt the same way, too! Once we get past the looks and the superficial associations and self-styling, we’re all looking for love, ultimately. It’s not just about looks, after all. Right?

There was something about this person that made me fall for her. Many somethings, if you will.

The person has got to make you laugh. No question about it. The women I’ve loved were the ones that made me laugh. No doubt about it.

Are they open minded? Is your would-be partner-in-crime willing to pony up when you want to go on an adventure?

Will they help you clean your place after a raging party at 3 a.m.? Just having the support is important.

Do your friends like your significant other? This, by far, has been the biggest difference for me. My friends didn’t get along with most of the women I’ve dated. With my girlfriend now, all my friends simply adore her. They would probably dump me if I dump my girlfriend!

Do they make you believe you can do anything? My girl does. She’s my biggest fan, my biggest cheerleader. The girl supports all of things I’m working on … That’s huge. Seth Rogan? You better believe he needs a cheerleader after a box-office bomb … I’m just sayin’.

It’s pretty amazing what becomes clear once we set perceptions about beauty and status aside. No?

By Alex V. of The Urban Dater for Cupid’s Pulse



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