"Destiny Only Matters"

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Our mind is the gatekeeper to this beautiful sometimes harsh world. The mind holds the keys to our heart, feeling's, emotion's and choice's. Keys to any path we choose to travel down, it simply allows us to pass through or it holds us back restricting access, to the unknown. I believe in the power of destiny, the loosely forged path that guides us through life. This path that guides ever changing, reforming but still guiding as we make our way through life. The path we choose is our choice our decision our making not our destiny's. Our destiny re-route's as our mind decide's to change our coarse. Think of it as typing happiness,love or success into our GPS's, it will show us a path to the destination we entered. The next step is choosing "quickest route" "shortest route" " least amount of traffic route" and so on. There are choice's and decision's our mind must make along that selected path or route it chose to guide us down. Guiding us towards our ever re-routing destiny. Our mind was blessed with it's power and ability by our creator, who gave it the power of "free will". "Free will" gives our mind the ability to act as the world's gatekeeper to us.

Let's use love as an example. If our minds choose a path to "love" as most do at some point in their live's, our destiny will show us the "shortest path" to the doorstep of love. At that point our mind decides its ok for our heart to unlock and open, allowing our heart to love the person our destiny guided us too. Most of us has the ability to travel on this path, at some point landing on this doorstep experiencing love. We can be happy and live a fulfilling life with this kind of love.

Some of our mind's may choose a path to "true love" or "greatest love ever" for our destiny (GPS). This "off-road area" is when your gps try's to re-route, is flashing u-turn or turn around. Destiny knows what is in store for us on this path. This GPS screen looks like the canvas of a spontaneous artist waiting for the swipe of a brush to begin (Blank). Like an artist starring at his canvas, destiny doesn't know whats on this path to greatness. Destiny know's in the end, if our mind let's our heart follow this path, he will guide us to something special, greater than other paths he's laid out for us. Destiny also knows there's question's on this path still unanswered. Will the doorstep he leads us to person's mind be ready, understanding or be capable of what he has laid before him? All of our minds are capable of love, but only some are capable of choosing and staying the path to the "truest of love" the "pinnacle" or a "love all will envy". As the artist working his creative swipe's of beauty, there is no ETA on completion or timeline dictating his progress, just a vision of greatness. All love is beautiful no matter how you label it in your mind, if you found true love in your heart, your mind cannot change that feeling once it opens your heart, no matter how hard your mind tries to suppress it. You can hide from it, behind labeling, other's advice, anger or fear, but it's there to stay. Those who choose the path to the "truest of love", at one time you were strong enough to go off into the unknown, risk it all, take a chance on life's greatest achievement. You knew it was going to be a rocky road full of mountains, valley's and rivers to see past. Be patient, be open minded your an explorer. Never give up! It's different, it's special, it's the "pinnacle". Destiny's questions have been answered, your mind and heart chose this path for you. Your heart chose to unlock on this doorstep. It's been a battle, but what you found on that doorstep realizes what you endured to get him to this point. Don't re-route or make an u-turn. Pull over, re-group enjoy life's trivial set backs. The final stretch on the path to greatness is one you'll never regret. Stay the course.

I apologize I'm not a writer. I'm someone who has been graced to have greatness placed on my doorstep. I mishandled it and didn't realize the path I was on. She has re-routed and "I would give anything I own, I'd give up my life, my heart, my home, just have her by my side again". I'm here KTB and always will be if you find me in your heart, brush me off and let me carry you across the finish line . I will never give up HOPE. I will never give up on US. She introduced me to this site with a link to a story, I don't believe she comes here often, I only keep hope one day she does. Till then you guys are stuck with my butchering of the art of writing. Sorry :)



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