Diary of a Virgin Romance, Part 3

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Oooo, this is what it feels like to be really in “like” with someone. I had almost forgotten. My stomach is full of butterflies, I spent the last twenty minutes dancing like a crazy person around my apartment, and I can barely sit still to go to sleep.

Tonight was the birthday party. I should mention—the birthday girl was our only mutual friend who knows how I feel and what I’ve been doing to try to get this guy. So. Since it’s summer, and it was a party, and I have this great dress that I love but never really have occasion to wear, and, come on, since he was there, I got all spruced up. I wore this adorable, perfect, vintage white cotton dress of my mom’s that I stole (with permission), and I did my makeup and my hair and everything, and I looked pretty darn fantastic, if I’m allowed to say so. So. I walked in, and my friend and I hugged and laughed and did the back-and-forth “You look gorgeous!” since it was true. And so then I walked into the kitchen, where he was sitting, and he gave me a look. You know, that look. He gave me one of those smiles. And I almost passed out. But there were other people around, and I was in the process of being introduced, so I just flashed him a giddy little smile back before being torn away to say hello to people who were trying to joke with me but I wasn’t really getting it because I was totally not paying attention to them, sorry.

And so he spent the rest of the evening flirting with me. Oh, it was fabulous. He couldn’t totally, because the larger group never broke up and we played group games all night, but he kept giving me those looks across the table. The birthday girl even pulled me aside at one point to ask if something had already happened between us. No, unfortunately, it hadn’t. But if I am any judge of men at all—soon. Very soon. I absolutely cannot wait. I think he’s finally got it. It’s like I watched it click.

This is so much fun for me. Out of self-consciousness, I haven’t allowed myself to really, really like someone in, literally, years. But I finally have the chance to maybe make a relationship. And I am excited. Thank you for listening to my story—hopefully I’m making you remember what it feels like to start a relationship.  And it’s not over yet. 


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